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I bought a new rug

2009-10-28 15:41:51 by FullyClothedMike

Do you like it?

I bought a new rug

For The Love Of Pong

2009-06-12 18:20:52 by FullyClothedMike

New feature up.
For The Love Of Pong.
Check it.

...this time for In The City.
Be back soon. =3


2008-08-17 11:45:32 by FullyClothedMike

In Manchester...

2008-07-02 13:14:18 by FullyClothedMike

...seeing Beck.
OK BAI!!! =D see Beck.
OK BAI!!! =D


2008-06-26 06:47:56 by FullyClothedMike

I'm playing a gig on Friday, and I need some more modern stuff to play!
Any suggestions?

Life Is Shit And Boring.

2007-12-13 13:41:38 by FullyClothedMike

Who agrees with me? =D

So, It Was My Birthday Yesterday...

2007-12-09 05:50:20 by FullyClothedMike

...and I had a good day
I woke up, and my mum came in and handed me a bag with a really funny card and Call Of Duty 4 for the 360 in it. I then went downstairs and saw a big pile of presents on the table, plus Pickles sitting on a slab of chocolate from Thornton's saying 'Happy Birthday Michael, From The Grobbles', which was nice of them, considering I forgot their birthday this year... :|
Anyway, I got Extreme Euphoria dance CD, Human After All by Daft Punk on vinyl and a USB turntable. Been pilfering my mum and dad's record collection since. XD
During the day I went to meet a couple of nice people to sell my Marilyn Manson tickets I had for that night, then I went home and got ready to go and see the Chemical Brothers.
The person I was supposed to go with me pulled out at the last minute, so I frantically searched for someone to go with me. My friend went with me, and I can't thank her enough.
Anyway, it was great. They played loads of my favourites, such as We Are The Night, Believe and Leave Home, but no Elektrobank or Salmon Dance ( >:( ). It was still great fun though, and I slept lots when I got back.
Today, I'm gonna keep listening to old vinyl, play a bit more of COD4, and then go go-karting with my pals.
Gonna be good. ^_^

I Made A Song! :o

2007-12-04 18:22:02 by FullyClothedMike

We used GarageBand at the sessions I go to at the Scottish Music Centre, and I started mucking about, and ended up making a song that everyone though was great, so I thought I'd upload it here.
It sounded a lot better on the Mac I was using, and for some reason the converted .MP3 file is really quiet, but I hope that doesn't put you off listening to and voting on it.
It feels good to be able to finally contribute to the NG community after so many years.
Anyway, check it out.


Cool word, eh? :D